Those who wish to create a link to the website of the Asian Co-benefits Partnership (hereafter ACP) are asked to confirm the following points before doing so.

Conditions of link

  • + Those who wish to link to the ACP homepage are asked to always inform us of this and the URL of the linking website by online form.
  • + In cases where the aim of the link is deemed that the trustworthiness of ACP is jeopardised, ACP reserves the right to refuse a request to create a link.

In addition, even after a link has been consented to temporarily, in cases where ACP decides it was inappropriate to have consented to the link due to circumstances made clear after approval has been given or a change in circumstances, this consent can be cancelled. Please pay attention to this point.

Copyright and Responsibility

The copyright for any documents or images provided from the ACP server will be retained by ACP, except for cases where separate direction is given. The information in all documents provided from the ACP server may be modified or removed without notice. ACP is in no way responsible for any loss sustained as a result of the contents of the documents or any changes made to them.
The reprinting or duplication of any ACP copyrighted material, as well as its transmission by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or an information storage/retrieval device, without the prior permission of ACP, is strictly prohibited. To apply for permission to use copyrighted ACP materials, please click here.

Treatment of personal information online

Personal information held by ACP will be treated appropriately, as stipulated in the "Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies". Personal information held by ACP will not be used or provided to a third party for any reason other that for which it was obtained.