ACP White Paper 2014: Bringing Development and Climate Together in Asia

“Highlights the co-benefits of integrated approaches to air pollution and climate change.”
(in the 1st White Paper)

ACP White Paper 2016: Putting Co-benefits into Practice: Case Studies from Asia

“Case studies shed light on the growing number of activities that could achieve climate and other development objectives in Asia.”
(in the 2nd White Paper)

ACP White Paper 2018: Quantifying Co-benefits in Asia: Methods and Applications

“Introduces the tools and methods that can help quantify co-benefits in Asia.”
(in the 3rd White Paper)

Implementing Solutions to Climate Change and Air Pollution in Asia: Mobilising Finance, Strengthening Policies and Building Capacities

“The ACP is well-situated to help coordinate individuals and institutions that can help implement the 25 solutions at scale.”
(in the 4th White Paper)