6th Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) 6th Advisory Group Meeting

The Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) Advisory Group is convened once annually. The Advisory Group meeting has several important objectives as a primal discussion opportunity to guide the ACP; to set and review strategic priorities for the ACP, review the ACP work plan prepared by the Secretariat, recommend the working method, and to provide advice to the Secretariat on the ACP and its activities.

On 29 July 2015, the Sixth Advisory Group meeting was held at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. About twenty members from government agencies, international organisations and research institutions joined this meeting and discussed; Work Plan 2014-2015, extended contribution and collaboration; modalities and the 2nd ACP White Paper.

The ACP Advisory Group then agreed to 1) complete the Work Plan 2014-2015 and proceed the proposed actions in it; 2) keep close communication on forming concrete linkages among the ACP, CCAC and other relevant initiatives; 3) initiate a process of drafting the 2nd ACP White Paper, and complete it by March 2016; and 4) maintain and further strengthen collaboration among the ACP Advisory Group as well as general member organisations.
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Date & Time:
29 July 2015, 15:00- 18:00
International Organizations Center, Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
Asian Co-benefit Partnership (ACP) Secretariat
Meeting Documents:
Meeting Summary
14:50 - 15:00


15:00 - 15:10
(10 minutes)

■ Opening and introduction

Opening remarks: Co-chair, Prof. Katsunori Suzuki, Kanazawa University
Objective of the meeting: ACP Secretariat, IGES
Self-introduction by participants

15:10 - 16:10
(60 minutes)

■ Discussion 1: Work Plan 2014-2015
Facilitator: Co-chair, Prof. Katsunori Suzuki

Overview of recent activities on co-benefits
Overview of final status and achievement of Work Plan 2014-2015
Summary of Work Plan 2014-2015 (finalized version)
Prospects of future Work Plan
Feedback from Advisory Group members on revised draft version


■ Group photo & coffee break

16:30 - 17:10
(40 minutes)

■ Discussion 2: 2nd White Paper
Facilitator:Co-chair, Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana

Feedbacks on 1st White Paper
Feedback on main themes and messages of the 2nd White Paper

17:10 - 17:50
(40 minutes)

■ Discussion 3: Extended contribution and collaboration
Facilitator: Co-chair, Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana, EANET Secretariat, RRC.AP

CCAC status updates and ACP’s possible contribution
Resource person: Dr. Kevin Hicks, GAPF/SEI York/University of York (CCAC Secretariat)
Collaboration among Japan, Clean Air Asia and UNEP
Resource persons: MOEJ, Clean Air Asia, UNEP, ACAP

17:50 - 18:00
(10 minutes)

■ Wrap Up

Summary of discussion and the next step
Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana, ACP Secretariat, IGES