9th Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) 11th Advisory Group Meeting

The Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) Advisory Group is convened once annually. The Advisory Group meeting has several important objectives as a primal discussion opportunity to guide the ACP; to set and review strategic priorities for the ACP, review the ACP work plan prepared by the Secretariat, recommend the working method, and to provide advice to the Secretariat on the ACP and its activities.

On 19 January 2021, the Eleventh Advisory Group meeting of the Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) was virtually held due to COVID-19. Approximately twenty members from government agencies, international organisations and research institutions joined the meeting and discussed the following: 1) reformulation of ACP and 2) initial concept note for the 2nd phase of ACP.

The ACP Advisory Group then agreed to:

1)reflect comments for the preliminary concept of the 2nd phase of ACP;
2)revise the concept note to align with ongoing development of other initiatives i.e. EANET

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